Matteo Milani

"I design meaningful sounds"

Sound Designer



I was lucky enough to turn a passion into a profession, as well as being part of the creative process of numerous television and cinema productions.

A restless curiosity drives me to continually expand and celebrate my love for sound arts.

I’m still exploring various sound disciplines: tv & radio advertising, documentaries, immersive and interactive sound design, multimedia installations and exhibitions.

In addition to composing soundtracks, I offer music consultancy for audiovisuals and mastering for digital distribution.

SFX Libraries

Unidentified Sound Object

Unidentified Sound Object is an independent sound effects library publisher with an all global client base.

U.S.O. offers licensing of high-quality commercially usable sound effect libraries for your projects.

The packages contain a wide variety of original sources: materials generated through analog and/or digital synthesis, or recorded with unconventional miking techniques.

Recording Studio


AUDIO post-production

I’m specialized in sound design and immersive 3D audio mixing for virtual and augmented reality.

Together with my friends at Torrevado, we can offer any media service connected to filming, editing, grading and VFX, along with our audio services.

Our flexible 5.1 and Stereo mix rooms offer a well-selected combination of analogue and digital equipment in great sounding spaces.

Including small isolation booths designed to record voice actors or single instruments, they’re the perfect room for surround and stereo mixes.


“With Songs Of The Water Spirits, the latest soundtrack for Nicolò Bongiorno‘s film of the same name, Matteo Milani and Walter Marocchi score a standout point in their long artistic brotherhood. The visual and musical narration takes the viewer/listener on a journey through the remote Indian region of Ladakh: nature’s fragility and strength are evoked in the score through the combination of timbre elaborations and electronic inventions that meet the now roaring now gentle touches of electric and acoustic guitars, enhanced by epic wind instruments and angelic vocals.”

Sound Recordist


On location, my goal is to provide you the best sound recording for your film, commercial or tv content by employing creative solutions to elevate the level of the production sound.

My extensive experience in Audio Post Production has helped my job as a Sound Recordist, knowing not only what needs to be captured, but how to best accomplish it.

My skills: 

  • Recording clean dialog, ambiences and sound effects
  • Wiring talents
  • Ensuring audio & camera sync
  • Logging metadata

Smart Sonic Devices

I am proud to have contributed in the development of the sound character of ADAM, the first Smart Saber created by the start-up company Crystal Cave.

We transformed the lightsaber into a real musical instrument: thanks to the processor and the integrated sensors, the signal is calculated in real time through a complex virtual synthesis system, creating a boundless variety of unique sound timbres.

An elegant weapon, for more civilized times (cit.)

Faculty Member


IED (European Institute of Design) is a school with a network of campuses spread internationally, focused on the education and research in the disciplines of design, fashion and visual communication. 

I’ve started teaching at IED in 2013, greatly enjoying the time spent with my students. 

I really love the chance to have a positive impact on the new generations of sound designers, being able to follow them along their first steps in the creative journey, sharing and putting in good use the things I’ve learnt and saw along my own path. 

At IED I teach: 

  • sound design: tools, technologies and platforms for music audio post-production – design original sound elements and mix-to-picture – 3D audio mixing – surround/ambisonics/binaural


get in touch

Unidentified Sound Object
c/o Torrevado
Via Aosta, 4
20155 Milan- Italy

Studio: +390234593016


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