Matteo Milani

"I design meaningful sounds"

Sound Design



I am a passionate sound artist who has turned my love for sound arts into a fulfilling career.

With a curious spirit, I have worked on numerous television and cinema productions and explored various sound disciplines, including tv and radio advertising, documentaries, multimedia installations and exhibitions.

My goal is to create soundscapes that resonate deeply with audiences, using my technical skills and creative vision to captivate and evoke emotions. I am committed to making a meaningful impact with my art, bringing joy and inspiration to all those who experience it.

SFX Libraries

Unidentified Sound Object

As the founder of Unidentified Sound Object, I am proud to lead an independent publisher of high-quality sound effect libraries that serve a global client base.

Our collections offer a wide range of commercially-usable sounds that are created from unconventional sources, including analog and digital synthesis and unique microphone techniques.

Our sound libraries provide flexible options to enhance your audio projects with immersive and original soundscapes.

Spatial Sound

Audio for virtual worlds

As a sound designer with a focus on 3D audio, I excel in crafting immersive experiences for emerging technologies, including VR, AR, and video games.

My main objective is to leverage 3D audio for creating more realistic and engaging virtual environments. By customizing audio for each unique virtual space, I aim to make these experiences not just audible but also emotionally resonant and captivating.

Music Design

custom productions

Sonic branding

Songs of the Water Spirits is the soundtrack for Nicolò Bongiorno‘s latest film. Collaborating with Walter Marocchi, we’ve crafted a unique sonic journey through India’s Ladakh region, blending electronic elements with guitar work. The addition of wind instruments and ethereal vocals elevates the score, making it an immersive listen for those who appreciate the essence of nature.



Together with Lorenzo di Tria, we’ve founded U.S.O. Production, your go-to for exceptional on-location sound for films, commercials, and TV.

With a strong background in Audio Post Production, we enhance your production sound for top-tier results. Trust us for seamless sound integration into your final product.

Our expertise encompasses:

  • Capturing crystal-clear dialogue, ambient sounds, and sound effects
  • Expertly wiring talent for optimal audio capture
  • Synchronizing audio and video flawlessly
  • Meticulous metadata logging

Smart Sonic Devices


Get ready to immerse yourself in a whole new audio experience. Stay tuned for more updates, and get ready to join the audio revolution. #graphicalsound

Faculty Member


Since 2013, I’ve had the pleasure of teaching sound design at the European Institute of Design (IED), a globally esteemed institution.

My experience has been deeply rewarding as I’ve been able to share my expertise with the next generation of creative talent.

I consider it a privilege to contribute to each student’s development, using my own career lessons to guide them toward realizing their dreams and achieving their highest potential.

At IED, I teach sound design, covering tools and platforms for audio post-production, creating original sound elements for mix-to-picture, and techniques for 3D audio mixing and surround sound.


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Via Dante Alighieri, 51
20032 Cormano (MI) Italy


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