Matteo Milani

"I design meaningful sounds"

Sound Design



I am a passionate sound artist who has turned my love for sound arts into a fulfilling career.

With a curious spirit, I have worked on numerous television and cinema productions and explored various sound disciplines, including tv and radio advertising, documentaries, multimedia installations and exhibitions.

My goal is to create soundscapes that resonate deeply with audiences, using my technical skills and creative vision to captivate and evoke emotions. I am committed to making a meaningful impact with my art, bringing joy and inspiration to all those who experience it.

SFX Libraries

Unidentified Sound Object

As the founder of Unidentified Sound Object, I am proud to lead an independent publisher of high-quality sound effect libraries that serve a global client base.

Our collections offer a wide range of commercially-usable sounds that are created from unconventional sources, including analog and digital synthesis and unique microphone techniques.

Our sound libraries provide flexible options to enhance your audio projects with immersive and original soundscapes.

Spatial Sound

Audio for virtual worlds

As a specialist in sound design and immersive 3D audio, I am dedicated to delivering unique audio solutions that enhance the latest technologies, including VR and AR.

With my expertise and skills in sound design, I can elevate the audio of your video game or augmented reality project. I work in a modern recording studio and lead a team of over 600 talented professionals who are fluent in more than 100 languages. Together, we strive to deliver exceptional audio quality for every project we take on.

Music Design

Music production & composition

Sonic branding & music strategy

Creative research & licensing

Introducing my latest record, Songs of the Water Spirits, the breathtaking soundtrack to Nicolò Bongiorno‘s latest film. Working alongside Walter Marocchi, we’ve created a masterpiece that captures the essence of India’s remote region of Ladakh through a blend of timbre elaborations, electronic inventions, and touches of electric and acoustic guitars. The haunting wind instruments and angelic vocals add a beautiful touch to the score, making it a standout work. Songs of the Water Spirits is a must-listen for anyone seeking an immersive audio experience that transports them to the heart of the natural world.



As a Sound Recordist, my goal is to creatively capture top-quality sound recording on location for your film, commercial, or TV content.

With extensive experience in Audio Post Production, I have the expertise to enhance production sound and achieve the best results.

You can trust me to provide a seamless integration of production sound into your final product.

My skills include: 

  • Recording clean dialog, ambiences and sound effects
  • Wiring talents
  • Ensuring audio & camera sync
  • Logging metadata

Smart Sonic Devices


Get ready to immerse yourself in a whole new audio experience. Stay tuned for more updates, and get ready to join the audio revolution.

Faculty Member


The IED (European Institute of Design) is a prominent educational institution with an extensive network of campuses spread across the globe.

Since 2013, I have had the pleasure of teaching at the IED and have thoroughly enjoyed my time spent with the students. As a sound designer, I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and experience with the next generation of creatives and being a part of their creative journey.

I feel privileged to be able to share the lessons I have learned throughout my career, and to be able to support the students in their efforts to realize their dreams and reach their full potential.

At IED, I teach sound design, covering tools and platforms for audio post-production, creating original sound elements for mix-to-picture, and techniques for 3D audio mixing and surround sound.


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